If you’re reading this, you must be looking for something… Maybe a brand name, maybe some copywriting…? Great, you’re talking our language! 

Now, let me sway you into taking that next step: contacting us with the details of your needs!

Who we are

Sable Mare is veteran-owned and operated. The founder, Matt Cates, is a retired, 90% disabled Air Force veteran with a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults from the University of Cambridge. He’s a prolific pop culture author, featured in Forbes, Futurism (formerly OMNI), Geeks, Beats, and many others. Matt’s also a Top Rated freelance agent on Upwork, with over 50 very satisfied clients and counting. 

What we offer

Being a very low-overhead, Oregon-based small business, we offer very competitive pricing on all our services, specializing in brand name consultancy and creation. We also consider article and blog copywriting support requests on a limited basis. And we do dabble in some in-house YouTube video creation and social media management, in our limited free time! 

Free, no hassle consultations

Use our contact form to send us the details of what you’re after. We’ll review it and give you a quick, low-cost quote within 24 hours.

Lean, fast and efficient service

We keep our rates much lower than the large market research and branding firms…and naturally we pass on those savings to our clients. Not only that, but we promise a short turnaround time for delivery and at least one round of revisions, based on client needs.

You can read Matt’s scathing criticism of “boutique” branding firms and their overpriced shenanigans here

Experienced professionals

We know our business–which is satisfying customers by turning in high quality work! See our Testimonials page for a partial, ever-growing list of our past branding and copywriting clients (in some cases we work as “ghostwriters,” thus we do not list customers who requested that service).

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