Sci-Fi Amazon Book: Haveck, the 1st Transhuman

Most heroes are born from catastrophe. Overexposure to gamma radiation. Murdered parents, radioactive spiders. Home planet exploded! But Dice Valley teen Hector Haveck had a different stroke of bad luck. All he’d wanted to do this summer was get closer to his hot Robotics classmate, Yésica Brick. Instead, he got secretly volunteered for massive DNA alterations!

Now Hector has to deal with the seven lame superpowers the experiment imbued him with–one “useless” power for each day of the week. Soon, though, these abilities spiral out of control, drawing unwanted attention from covert military groups and international spies. One underground agency, “the Fin,” desperately want to exploit his latest skills to cross dimensions and alter reality. Once they have him under their mind control, they’ll use Hector to seek out Oannes, an immortal king from before recorded history.

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Hector can trust no one. His wicked stepfather, Klaus, makes a deal with the devil to obtain his own twisted powers, turning him into a murdering psychopath. Paris, Hector’s grandfather, hides his own secret agenda when he comes out of retirement to “help” his grandson. But the true puppet master is not so easily discovered as they plot to turn Hector from a budding superhero to a transhuman slave who does whatever he’s told.

With the world against him, Hector must bring all his awkward powers to bear to engage Oannes’s legions in their otherworldly dimension. Strap in as he enters not a new world, but a far older one, peopled by monsters who’ll do anything to return home…even if it erases 10,000 years of our history!

Tesla, Rasputin, Napoleon, Jack the Ripper, Hitler, and many others make extended cameos in this original, genre-bending tale of global conspiracies, life extension, and world domination. As wild card mercenaries, insane family members, artificially intelligent malware, and lame two-faced friends feverishly plot against him, Hector is the only “hero” able to keep our timeline from being totally reset…IF he can break his brainwashing long enough to escape the Fin…
“A genre-smashing novel of startling originality that will leave you begging for a sequel!” – Albert Einstein, developer of the General Theory of Relativity

“Parfait et magnifique!” – Napoleon Bonaparte, former emperor of France

“Not bad. I should have been in it more, though.” – Jack the Ripper, Victorian serial killer
The novel was originally published under the title ‘The Altered States of Hector Haveck’

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