Free Early Retirement Book on Amazon

Retire Early. Mega Early!

Most people keep right on working up into their 60’s and beyond. Why?? I’ve never understood it, and that’s why, at 44, I decided to try mega early retirement to see how it suited me. Guess what? No surprise; I love it!

In fact, I’ve enjoyed early retirement so much (so far, anyhow) that I wrote an eBook about it. I didn’t hire a ghostwriter or freelancer; this is all me, baby! And I’ve got a free book promotion going on Amazon starting Sunday, June 26, 2016.

So if you are a Kindle book reader, please do us both a favor and snag a copy! I say “both” because I just launched this little guide, and really need some reviews for it. That’s why it is on a free promotional offer. But naturally the real winner will be anyone who takes the tips I outline in this book and applies them to their own situation, so that they (hopefully YOU) can do as I’ve done–retire mega early and start living life!

As my little slogan goes: Dare to Dream; Dare to Live! 

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