Free Book Promo: Engines of Destruction

Engines of Destruction: The Collected Speculative Fiction Short Works of Matt Cates is now on free Amazon Kindle eBook promotion. Go on over to the site and grab your free digital copy now!

Behold! Gathered for the first time are the most epic short stories of speculative fiction ever written (by author Matt Cates)! Included in this initial masterworks collection are:
If Life is a Prison…
A Hollywood stars devises his own punishment after a hit and run…
Sin is Universal
Are ancient aliens real and living in Oklahoma?
The Beacon of the N’eurzz
The worst storm in the town’s history can’t stop the lighthouse keeper from doing his duty…but a monster can!
The Dying Consciousness of Nectar-9
What happens when the first sentient robot realizes it’s about to die?
Sex, Drugs & Turkish Time Machines
The name sums it up better than I can!
The Box (previously published by in Fiction International #41)
An Afghan boy unearths a box near a military firing range, but has no clue what it’s worth!
Excerpt from Haveck: The First Transhuman (a novel)
Hector Haveck never wanted to be a lame mind-controlled superhero being exploited to locate the immortal king of Atlantis…but sometimes you gotta play the hand you’re dealt!

Sci-fi fans, it doesn’t get any better than this, so grab a Coke Zero and get ready to rev up Engines of Destruction!!


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