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Hey all, just a quick note for those of you who have read some of my posts for Jerrick Media’s OMNI, Geeks, Longevity, Potent, or FilthyJerrick just launched their new author platform for writers to sign up and submit articles. As I understand it, if their editors approve the submission then it gets posted and can later be monetized.

In other words, they don’t pay upfront for the piece but, if it does well, then the writer gets paid by performance. Interesting concept to me. I was lucky enough to have been writing odd pieces for them here and there when they decided to launch a Beta version of this new platform, which they call Vocal.

UPDATE: I was offered a referral link from Vocal; so if you do decide to check them out and submit an article, please use my link! 


So I still got paid during the Beta phase, but now that the platform has gone live, I am, in essence, just like any other authors out there who want to contribute. I won’t be paid per piece but by performance. Here’s a shot of what the console looks like. NOTE: This isn’t mine!


Well, we’ll see. I’ve yet to write anything new for them, since the Vocal site just went live today, but they are tracking the performance of my posts since early November, so I can see how well (or not) each old piece is doing on a daily basis…and see what my earnings are (because they have gone ahead and allowed monetization for a few November pieces that the writers had already submitted invoices for and been paid for…which is kind of them).

They have a few online mags to choose from; after you create your post, you submit for review and it’ll ask which magazine you are submitting to…

vocal 2.JPG

As far as drafting the actual articles, it is pretty intuitive but they have built a few training posts to help writers figure it out. For me, one of the coolest bits was being able to copy an Amazon product URL and paste it into their product placement cell… It automatically links to their affiliate code.

I doubt that any products sold from the affiliate link will translate to shared profit for the author, and many of my own posts didn’t ever contain product placements… But there was never any pressure to include product placements anyways. Indeed I never had any pressure in any of my dealings with them. It’s been a pleasant experience working with their staff so far! (And no, nobody asked me to write that. I’m not on their paid staff, and have never even met anyone in their office).

So sometimes in my posts I did include product links; sometimes not. My earliest posts, yes, because those were listicles that they specifically had asked for. And those types of posts do perform well, based on the stats I’ve seen. I realize they aren’t always the most fun things to write, but then again it was always interesting for me to research and to learn about new books and videos. Hey, one way to look at it is, the more money Jerrick Media makes, the better they are able to advertise…and thus more traffic for your monetized posts!

UPDATE: In case you missed it above, I was recently offered a referral link from Vocal; so if you decide to check them out and submit an article, please use my link! Their referral program is brand new; I just got the notification today (1/24/2017), and they offer $5 for every referred new author (you perhaps?) who has an article published by them. 

Okay, there’s my plug for Vocal. It wasn’t asked for, but I felt like sharing because I do think it’s an intriguing new option for niche writers. So I recommend giving it a try! As a part-time freelancer, I must say I haven’t seen a platform quite like this in my ventures to date. Not saying it is 100% unique, because if I say that some wiseass will prove me wrong… But it is new to me in any case.

Well, honestly I’m not doing much writing these days, due to pain in my arms, elbow, wrists, etc… Sometimes I’ll write a new post for my site ScumHive.com.


But I no longer work on novels…not after the disappointing sales of my book Haveck: The First Transhuman, which I slaved over for years. I just got a bit disheartened towards spending so much time and effort in exchange for no financial reward. I won’t lie; I didn’t write it just for kicks. Nor did I write it for “fame” or “fortune.” But I did want to at least launch a budding novelist career from the book, and alas that just hasn’t happened. Perhaps it is for the best, again due to the pain and discomfort I have from writing these days. Nonetheless, while I’m here lemme show you the newest cover I made for it; pretty snazzy, eh? Eh?


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