We love branding…because we’re good at it!

We’ve worked with multiple clients to generate brand name concepts and slogans. From Japanese television to clothing and furniture stores, from pet suppliers to chocolate and cosmetics companies…and recently a smart phone app, capital management firm, and a food distribution company!

And the list is growing! To date, we’ve done brand names and taglines for: Japanese television/ Russian sock makers/ Star Wars t-shirt slogans/ Chinese furniture store/ Pet supplier/ European gift chocolates/ Fitness gear/ Asian-based cosmetics company/ Smart phone app/ Canadian electric company/ Capital management firm/ Turkish English tutoring startup/ Video game equipment/ NY-based food distribution startup/ Texas property managers/ …and more!

Sable Mare’s past branding/slogan clients have expressed delight with the professional, creative concepts we’ve handed in.

Our branding rate is far lower than the larger market research and branding firms, because they have a larger overhead.



Here are some recent verified client feedbacks; my Upwork profile contains more…

‘This was a truly excellent piece of work. This contractor is professional, diligent, creative, and takes great pride in his work.’

‘Would not think of someone else unless Matthew is busy!’

‘Matt was very quick, efficient and thorough in compiling the information I requested. He knew how to communicate well to make sure the report met the desired end product content without a minimal of wasted effort. I highly recommend him for this type of work.’

‘Matthew provided a great article. I am definitely going to keep working with him!’

‘Couldn’t be happier with Matthew. Before the job was ever awarded he began working on a draft so that by the time I awarded him the job, a draft was immediately sent to me. Very impressive.’

‘Fast delivery and high quality. Nothing more you can ask for.’