We’ve branded for several international companies, including:Japanese television - Russian sock makers - Star Wars t-shirt slogansChinese furniture store - Pet supplier - NY-based food distribution startupFitness gear - Asian-based cosmetics company - Smart phone appGun holste.png

…we’ve contributed names to just about everything!

We’ve done content, editing, market research, & other services for:

Sowo Corp – Crossroads Traders – Lett Direct

Waterman Jewelry – Hosskey Consulting – ENPodcast

Curation, LLC – Hank’s Habit – Olly Richards Publishing

NHK World – ArchimedesIT – Track That Travel

Tripoto – Game of Travel – Cheerivo Inc.

Nomad Cat – SERP One Tech – PSLT Consulting

Alfa Balance Private LTD. – ARB DiamondLara N’ Luna

PGLS, LLC – CASE – Re:Fiction

Jerrick MediaForbes – Enchiridon

Color Image – Turning PointChegg

Mainland Electric – Cafe 4 Kids – PNWA

AcephaEllora MunaMad English Lab

The following are genuine testimonials…

These come directly from Matt’s personal branding and copywriting freelance profile on Upwork, and my be viewed at this link to verify authenticity, if desired.

Matthew is a very talented writer; I highly recommend you hire this man.

Matt is easy to work with he’s very knowledgeable when it comes to writing. I highly recommend this gentleman he’s a good man!

Matt is a real professional who came with a very creative name for our brand!

Great work and extremely prompt in responding to queries. Would definitely work with him again

Very easy to communicate and just simply great personality! 10 out of 10!

Matt is a PRO! Highly recommend him for your next project!

Matt is a great writer and adapted his style well to our audience.

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Matt and his team tackled this large project without a problem. All of their work is always impeccable and I never have to worry about them meeting deadlines.

I could not be happier with the content I receive from them. Awesome work, highly recommended.

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Awesome articles. Thank you!

Excellent work as always! Thank you!

Happy and grateful with the work. He is highly professional

I really like working with someone who keeps the lines of communication open, providing updates/feedback when needed. Thanks, Matt and Busra. Till the next job contract.

Amazing work as always! This article was about a very technical subject but reads easily and is spot on.

I am always impressed with his work, communication skills and ability to do in depth research.

Matt is a talented writer that is dependable, fast and easy to work with.

Matt is a dedicated and tireless worker. He does his work quickly and thoroughly.

He is honest about what he thinks he can do and what he does not feel comfortable about attempting. So you won’t get sloppy results from Matt!

Matt does excellent work, my expectations were exceeded. He is very knowledgeable, professional and has excellent research skills.

If you need a dependable this is your man.

Matt is reliable to finish his job on time. He skill is strong n he is friendly. I’m weak with my English vocabulary, so I’m not able to describe more of his strength, but he is good

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Matt, he is the one of the best freelancer I know. thanks friend!

Matt was very quick, efficient and thorough in compiling the information I requested. He knew how to communicate well to make sure the report met the desired end product content without a minimal of wasted effort.

I highly recommend him for this type of work.


Great job!!!!!!!!!!!

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Matt is a hard-working writer with solid research skills and always amenable to revision requests.

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Went above and beyond. Thanks.

Excellent work, completed very promptly. Would definitely hire again.

Good clear content with a sense of humor.

Made a Q&A for our chat bot software so it can learn topics. These where tax law documents and we needed someone with skills.

Matthew took on this job and did an excellent job, witch exceeded all expectations. Would not think of someone else unless Matthew is busy!

Thanks for the quick job!

Matthew provided a great article. I am definitely going to keep working with him!

This was a truly excellent piece of work. This contractor is professional, diligent, creative, and takes great pride in his work. For example, for this particular contract (which contained some difficult requirements), he took the initiative to have his work quality checked by a third party before submitting, which resulted in a superior final product. Great all round!

Excellent work.

Couldn’t be happier with Matthew. Before the job was ever awarded he began working on a draft so that by the time I awarded him the job, a draft was immediately sent to me. Very impressive.

He was very quick to respond and optimistic about any changes that needed to be made. Highly recommend.

Fast delivery and high quality. Nothing more you can ask for.

Matt Cates is a very talented writer, and promptly delivered some awesome content for curiverse.com!

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