Welcome! We are proud to introduce ‘Sable Mare Gulf Services’

Flawless Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer communication is extremely important in today’s competitive market.

Especially for Gulf nations dealing with Western partners, your company’s nuanced messages must be clear and written in excellent English.

In order to meet the highest expectations of your customers, you’ll need the highest level of written communications.

As Qatar continues to rapidly expand into global markets, it also continues to move into the world’s spotlight.

In a few short years Qatar will host the FIFA World Cup, attracting over 1.5 million foreign visitors and many investors. Now is the time to consider how your business is positioned to greet these inbound guests.

Improperly written English content is a major problem for too many companies in Qatar…and yet those firms continue to suffer huge business losses because of their preventable linguistic errors.

Why? Why don’t they recognize and fix this problem?

Because they do not possess the foresight and business acumen which your company has.

If you are reading this page, then we know you do not make the same mistakes as your competitors, and that’s exactly why we are respectfully seeking to establish meaningful business relations with you.

You know that these years are some of the most important in Qatar’s history. And you understand how crucial it is for your business to outsource your copywriting and branding needs now, to hire an agency you can trust. We are ready to be your trusted partners in this, and to be there with you as Qatar moves into that spotlight.

As an experienced, professional, native English-speaking branding and writing firm, we can devote the time and careful skill to doing it exactly right for you.

In your business, you deserve perfection and we offer it. There’s no reason to handle copywriting or other English correspondence ‘in-house’…not when Sable Mare is here to help!

And if you are already using a writing firm, we ask you to consider these questions:

  • Are you truly happy with their work…or have you considered looking elsewhere?
  • Are you getting perfect products from them, tailored to your exact needs…or do you want something better?
  • Do they provide the level of customer service you deserve…or are they only interested in getting paid?
  • Do you believe they’re giving you a truly good price…or are they overcharging you?

We thank you for reading this introduction. We would love to hear how Sable Mare can help your English language business communications today, and we invite you to consider the below offer of our special Gulf services.

M. David Cates
Sable Mare Media, LLC

Sable Mare Gulf

Is your brand, product, or website struggling with its outreach to Western business partners?

Don’t let your competitors pull ahead of you.

Sable Mare is the Gulf’s premiere new Brand Consultancy & Copywriting Support Agency.


Do you need help:

  • Editing and reviewing your English language written communications for investor outreach?
  • creating SEO-friendly web content and newsletters in English?
  • brand name or tagline consultation to better engage Western clients and partners?
  • an in-depth white paper or other professional copywriting project, done in perfect English?

Whatever your English language content or brand copy needs, we have the ability to deliver prompt, expertly written, and fairly priced work.

While most agencies want to overcharge you, Sable Mare agency is leading the global race in customer service and satisfaction.


Our new Gulf Services rate is $135 US dollars per hour, good for all of our writing services.


In order to obtain new clients we are offering a discounted rate of $100 US dollars per hour…a truly great price for the level of services we are able to provide!

This discounted rate applies to the first 20 hours of work we are able to do for your company; after that, if you are fully satisfied and wish to continue working with us, we prefer to work at our standard rate of $135 US dollars per hour.

Note, our standard copywriting is of exceptional quality and value; but our new Gulf Services package goes above and beyond! Gulf Services is offered only to exclusive clientele. It is a premium service which offers unparalleled customer focus and attention to detail. And as needed, we utilize our business management contractor in Qatar, for an extra layer of protocol. This helps us ensure all our work is completely in line with your specific needs. 


You now have three easy methods to hire us at this moment.

Option #1)

Visit our new website and use our Contact page! We accept payment via PayPal or check at this time.

Option #2)

We can email your company an invoice, and can accept your payment via a check sent to our address.

Option #3)

Use our Upwork agency site (note, Upwork takes a 20% commission, but they process credit card payments):

Please contact us today to discuss your needs. We want to give your business an advantage by putting Sable Mare’s professional experts to work for you. We are ready to serve!