(Don’t) Work for Us

Consider this a call to arms!

Sable Mare is not looking to “hire” people but we are looking for a few talented collaborators to operate as independent contractors (freelancers).

Total transparency: there’s no promise of ongoing work; we can offer one-off assignments or ongoing gigs based on what our clients feed us…

Here’s what that looks like:

Let’s say Sable Mare, as an agency, bids on a small writing, research, or design job…and gets it. We want a pool of creative freelancers we can choose from, to quickly assign that job to! You do the work, turn it in to us by the assigned deadline, we give it to the client. It’s that simple!

You get the credit, but can utilize our growing brand reputation to help you obtain work.

Yep. We find the clients (currently through freelancing websites such as Upwork.com, though we’re exploring for new avenues), we do the bidding, we win the jobs, and we assign them to you based on your skills, desires, and availability. When the customer pays us, we forward it to you via 1) your Upwork account (preferred), or 2) PayPal.

Oh, and the best part? You don’t owe us a dime! 

That’s right. What’s we’re offering is free. Really. We can’t hire you as an employee nor directly pay you ourselves, but we act as a go-between, a liaison between you and a world of international customers (who DO pay you!).

We don’t charge any fees or commissions from your end, and what the client pays, you keep. We are an open collaboration agency, a sole-ownership Limited Liability Corporation.

The ONLY fees come from the freelance sites themselves, and you do not pay those; those are charged before we forward the clients’ money to you, and Sable Mare doesn’t take a cut. In fact, this process is very transparent and you are invited to test it for yourself.

Why are we doing this, if we don’t make a profit? To grow and expand our company, to build our brand so that we can make a profit in the near future!

We can’t hire anyone; we don’t have (or want) a budget for that. We don’t want to hire you. Our model is very different; we don’t even work from an office, because that detracts from our agile business model. Sable Mare is a loose horse, running free in the open air!

We are pure, decentralized digital nomads, a flexible partnership of loosely-connected writers, researchers, designers, and brand marketers who are tired of working for a boss but also tired of trying to make it on our own.

In other words, Sable Mare is the solution to the world’s greatest problem.

But we do want to work with you…if you share our vision and can send us some work samples which truly show off your talents!

Here’s an article I wrote about Upwork and how I use it to earn freelance income.  This will clarify many questions you may have about the Upwork process itself; the only thing now addressed in the article is that now I run an Agency directly on that site, and that is how I’m able to assign jobs to others. Again, it’s not required if you have an Upwork profile, but it greatly helps us if you do.

And frankly, if you have your own Upwork profile, then no, you do not need us at all. But you can have your own profile, bid on your own jobs–and still collaborate with us as an agency team member! That way you are essentially doubling your odds of getting a job–because you can bid yourself, and, if you let us know, we can bid on your behalf, too! You won’t have to use your own “Upwork connects.”

How awesome is that? So the only question is…what are you waiting for?